A Great Marketing Plan is What It Takes to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in Today’s Market.

How to market and sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time?

The longer the home sits on the market, the bigger the discount it needs to sell. The faster you reach all potential buyers, the more money you can get from selling your home. Hit the ground running with this marketing plan to reach buyers at a local, national and even international level. Do not waste your time and money any longer on tactics that simply do not work.

Selling a home has become as easy as it has become competitive. As technology becomes more widely available and consumption increases, modern buyers are able to glance at vast open home catalogs in mere seconds. However, staying on top of new emerging real estate trends is useless without covering the essential necessities first. Old-fashioned methods are still extremely effective for the ‘drive-through-the-neighborhood’ buyers. A successful home-selling campaign merges traditional and modern strategy to target both audiences. Here are the most undeniably important ways to stand out from the competition and attract the right buyers for your home:

Presenting Your Home:

Luxury classic interior of living room and dining room with white furniture and metal chandeliers. 3d illustration

Your home will be photographed from both the exterior and interior. You want to make sure you show the best value and features in your home. Sometimes, staging may be recommended or even necessary. Staged homes on average tend to spend 2 months less in the market than un-staged homes. In mortgage payments alone, the seller can easily save well over $2,000.

The point is to make the place look fresh and clean, and feel like home, connotatively speaking, as best as possible. This is a sure way to get buyers to submit offers quickly. More offers means a better choice to get the most money at a much faster rate.


In Real Estate Marketing, the most important thing is the relationships that you build with your clients, both existing and potential. Communication leads everything that you do as a real estate agent, whether you’re explaining the buying process to a first-time home buyer, negotiating an offer for a seller, or marketing to prospects via social media, your website, or your blog. Different clients will prefer different methods of communication depending on their age and circumstances. For example, a young, full time professional may prefer to receive a text message that they can quickly read while at work whereas a 60-year-old, the retired client may prefer an in-depth phone call or email. We ask our clients how they would like to communicate with us and what is their expectation

Expert Negotiations:

Negotiation is all about satisfaction. Real Estate is customer service, results-oriented business. Our negotiating consultants have high level negotiating skills and have the ability to negotiate effectively in order to get your the most money for your property and guarantee that the terms of the deal meet your needs

Elite Membership with Trulia.com and Zillow.comWe have Elite Membership with Trulia.com and Zillow.com which gives you first-page listing-placement when any buyer looks for Real Estate in your particular market. These two are the main most popular websites used for buying or listing a home anywhere in the country. Both the sites list homes available for sale, some for rent, and a great deal of information regarding the neighborhoods, comparable sales and general market statistics. We guarantee you only our team members will process approaches to your properties so you can make certain that an agent who knows nothing about your house isn’t handling calls and inquiries regarding the property

Realtor Email Campaign–In Real Estate Marketing brand management is very important, especially because clients want to feel that they can trust you. It provides the highest return of all marketing methods. A constant brand and message will help buyers and sellers perceive that they believe you and know what to expect. We always keep communicating with our clients by updating local Realtors of your posting’s accessibility and any progressions that happen. We have thousands of registered agents in our area and our fundamental employment duties are to showcase your home to the active agents working in your neighborhood too!

 Open House –In real estate marketing, holding open houses helps you bring potential buyers up close with the property you’re selling. A successful open house offers you the chance to interact directly and demonstrate your skills to potential buyers and sellers which generate interest, questions, and answers, and initiate a sale.  We advertised our Open Houses in the majority of our sites, on all local ad sites, on the MLS and by words of mouth. Our open house operator will “circle dial” the homes around your home inquiring as to whether they know of anybody looking to move to the neighborhood. We convey 50 individual invitations to the open house and your open house agent will also door-knock to invite much more individuals to the open house. Buyers of new homes use open houses much more frequently before buying their desired house, 65% of buyers considered this feature very important. We arrange and hold open house which can help you meet prospective buyers and close on a property you’re selling as quickly as possible.

Pay-per-click Google Advertising – Generate Quality Traffic from Top Sites using Pay-Per-Click advertising management services for real estate marketing. We guarantee maximum internet exposure to your Property in a very little time. Our real estate PPC services have been proven to work for countless buyers and sellers. Our PPC service team publish a variety of Ad Formats via Rich Media Ads, Text Ads, Image Ads, Gmail Ads, Link Units, Animated Image Ads, Flash Ads. We can get you 1000 quality clicks through to your property in a very little time since over 98% of buyers in all age groups will be searching their homes on the internet.

YouTube.com Viral Marketing– Our team members are highly experienced in SEO and Web Content. We can easily put your property’s Virtual Tour on the 1st page of Google Search arrangement organically by using special hyper-local keywords. No one else provides you with all these services in your area as we do. If you think it would be beneficial to have your property’s virtual tours on the world’s largest social video network and effectively to out of state and out of the national purchase.

Craigslist – Today most of the real estate marketers aware of the power of online classified websites like Craigslist, Trib-Live, Backpage, and eBay Classifieds. It is one of the most effective marketing platforms that far too many investors are taking advantage of. We promote locally on all these websites to generate an online audience and discover potential buyers for your real estate

Investor Email Campaign-Investors have money and like to live in decent homes. Tap the assets of our group’s speculator database of more than 400 local investors.  … who better to purchase your property?

More than 17,000 different sites – We’ll advertise your postings on more than 1,000 local and national websites thanks to our Keller Williams MLS framework giving your properties more introduction than the normal intermediary.

Facebook Pay-per-click–Facebook ads on Social media is one of the best techniques for realtors seeking ways to get noticed online. In this time around 84% of real estate professionals using social media platforms, digital marketing strategy can have a much greater impact than traditional marketing strategies. Utilizing Facebook Pay-per-click we can focus on the statistic that will be increasingly disposed to purchase your home.

Virtual Tours– Today in this demanding and competitive market, it very important to design your exposure when selling or leasehold any Commercial Real Estate Property. With human attention time at an average of 8 seconds, it’s crucial to draw buyer’s potential attention immediately. In such a competitive market, you’ll need to be up to date with the latest Commercial Real Estate patterns and marketing technology in order to efficiently deal with your clients.

Matterport 3D–In today’s market, there are lots of newer technologies, such as Facebook, video, 3D and VR. These newer technologies are becoming more mainstream every day. Real estate professionals who are renovating themselves and initial to acquire are staying ahead of the competition while others are being left behind. Our Matterport Service experts use cutting edge 3D scanning technology with the Pro2 camera, combined with Acura floor plans, magazine quality photos, and your choice of interactive platforms. We are able to take your retail, commercial, or residential space and into the virtual world

Aerial photography and Videos–Aerial photography increases the potential to promote your property by 32% on average. They result in a higher sales price, about 5.25% on average. Aerial photography highlight property features, landmarks, and amenities that a conventional ground level shot could never show. Aerial photographs create a higher considerable market price of both the property and the Realtor. As a World-Wide Estate group, we have professional Ariel photographers with high-resolution cameras and specialized drowns. We can help you sell your home quicker, and for more money.

Virtual staging–Virtual staging services is an effective marketing strategy for agents who care about their business growth. Staging initiates buyers to imagine themselves in an expanse and allows them to realize the purposeful use and size of a room. Using virtual staging you can get more interested buyers, more calls for online listing, more leads and much profit.

Custom Landing Page –Today most of the real estate marketing efforts are focused on buyers. When a visitor arrives on your real estate website, what did they see? You may think it’s your homepage, but it isn’t correct it’s the “custom landing pages”.  The motive of the customer landing pages is to convert a visitor into a customer, or even into a client. Our experts use specially designed Hyper-Local Keywords and SEO optimized content to attract buyers for you.

I know it may seem like a lot, but these are just some of the things that I do to ensure that your property get sold in a time frame that works best for you.

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